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1654 Society

A Leadership Annual Giving Society

The year was 1654.

Late that summer, 23 Jewish refugees arrived in America. They came from Recife, Brazil and, with the perfect mix of courage, tenacity, and determination, began their lives as Americans in what was then known as New Amsterdam.

It is in honor of those intrepid men and women, the first Jews in what is now our nation, that the National Museum of American Jewish History has created the 1654 Society, our new annual leadership giving society.

By joining as a Charter Member of this special group, you set yourself apart from others just as the original 23 were distinctive, courageous, and visionary.

1654 Society members agree to deepen their commitment to NMAJH by making a four-year pledge to the Museum of $1,800, $3,600, $5,400, or more, per year, a powerful statement about their commitment to the preservation and interpretation of American Jewish history.

1654 Society members receive an exclusive benefit package for their four-year membership period. Details about the 2016 Annual Summit for 1654 Society members will soon be released. For more information on the below-listed benefits or to discuss membership in the 1654 Society, please call Megan Helzner at 215.391.4637. Or, to make your four-year pledge online and join right away, simply click here.