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Family Connections


My paternal Grandmother, Leah Cohen and I have made two unusual connections after she passed away. My first was when my son Dylan (who is coincidentally named after her for his hebrew name)was studying Ellis Island and Immigration for a school project. While helping him do research, I was able to find my grandmother's documents from when her ship arrived in Ellis Island when she was 5 years old. Last Summer, my family moved to Manalapan, NJ. Once again, my son had a school project, so we went to the Monmouth County library to get a library card for him, our first visit to the library. I walked around the ropes to wait on line and a picture to my right catches my eye (I wasn't looking at the display!) It was a picture of my grandmother (my dad's mom Leah Cohen) that no one in the family even knew existed! We had a similar picture, but not this one! Once I stopped shaking - I noticed it was archive week from Monmouth County. My Dad, his big sister and his parents were part of WPA project where families (mostly, if not all Jewish) were offered to take part in a kibbutz-like settlement in Roosevelt NJ. It was designed to get families out of lower income urban areas and be a part of a communal project with farming and millenary manufacturing. A famous photo journalist, Dorothea Lange, took what we now know are several pictures of my grandmother that are in the Library of Congress. Although we have two similar pictures, we had never seen the photo that "called out to me" that day in the library. We did not know the origin of the photos or that there were more pictures, in the Library of Congress, of all places! Talk about a sign that our move to Manalapan was the right move! Most people think I resemble her - maybe that is why it caught my eye! I really wasn't looking at the display! She is also listed as a registered voter along with a name that I remember my grandmother telling me about as a little girl. If interested in the story, I have copies of the ships manifest, and I was able to locate the selection of photos from Roosevelt, NJ in the Library of Congress archives. This is part of my family's story of American Jews that to this day fascinates me. One last interesting note, when I called my father to tell him what I was looking at, he couldn't come to the phone right away because he was lighting a yahrtzeit candle for his father at that exact moment that I was looking at a picture of his mother hanging in our library!