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It's Your Story


Members Free
Adults $12
Seniors (ages 65 & up) $11
Youth (ages 13-21) $11
Children (ages 12 & under) Free
Active military (with ID) Free*

Discounted admission rates are available to groups of 15 or more people. Group visits must be booked in advance through Group Sales to receive these discounts and other group options.  


*As a Blue Star Museum, we additionally offer free admission to up to 5 immediate family members (spouse or children) of active military personnel from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  

Family Roots


My German Jewish father had been married previously when he met my Irish-German Mother.She converted her faith for him before my birth. Through the years even though I was raised as a Reformed-Jew there were many prayers and traditions as well as many instinctive thoughts that were left unanswered.I recently got back into temple life and my faith. My fiance is also Jewish. His family are second generation Americans. We also learned that my great grandfather was one of the first surgeons in New York. Funny... I did not know this until recently...I am a surgical nurse. My daughter who is in her thirties remarked recently how "happy" we both are now that we are once again submerged into the Jewish faith and community. My daughter and I have learned a great deal from my fiance's family and his upbringing. For us, Judaism is not just a set of laws and beliefs we must follow...but a cultural experience which has been handed down genetically from our ancestors, one which enhances, enriches, and blesses our lives daily.