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Zaydie lives on forever....


He was born in 1933, the only son and with one older sister, Thelma. Their parents were poor, dad immigrated from Poland, mom was born a US citizen. But their faith was strong. Living in South Philly, they were truly in the melting pot of the city, but their neighborhood, at 3rd and Shunk, was where the Jews lived. They were surrounded by family and friends. You only had to walk a few houses over or around the corner to see your cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents - or they lived with you. You "visited" often, always with family. Traditions were observed, holidays were celebrated, all together. Every Friday at sundown, Sabbath was observed until sundown the next day. No lights could be switched, the oven could not be turned on, no playing was allowed. Sabbath was for praying. And the Sabbath Goy came to turn the oven on and work the street lights. Seders lasted hours, but no one complained. Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippor were spent in schul, and again, no one complained. There was love, there was comfort in having family and tradition. I loved accompanying him to Friday night services as a little girl. I remember marching with an apple on a flag for Simchas Torah and noisy groggers for Purim. He passed it on to us taught us all he knew, to his wife, Fran, and his two girls, and we are passing it on to our children. His love of his faith lives on and although we cannot hear him singing in the synagogue anymore, we still hear him loud and clear in our hearts. His faith lives on in each of us.