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Blood and Oil,The story of a son of immigrants merging Jewish Identity and competing in the high stakes world of the Oil business


My parents came to America with their parents from Poland and Moldovia around the time of World War I.Both had lived lives in Europe in deep poverty. They came to America with great hope and dreams. My Mom especially understood that hope lied in the free education that America offered. She told me "You have no business to inherit" you must study hard, go to college and create and dedicate yourself to contribute to society and provide for your family. Sometimes for emphasis when I didn`t study, she hit me almost gently on the head to remind me to keep my mind on the goal. My mother didn`t understand, however, that it was possible to maintain a strong Jewish religious practice and achieve the American dream. She encouraged me to assimilate and give up the Jewish practices of my Grandparents. Later, however, through study and association with committed Jews in graduate school at the University of Penna and the influence of my wife, Eunice and Chabad under the teaching of Rabbi Abraham Shemtov of Phila, I came to understand that Judaism and American values were in harmony and only strengthen me and help me achieve my goals and create a meaningful life.