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Youth (ages 13-21) $11
Children (ages 12 & under) Free
Active military (with ID) Free*

Discounted admission rates are available to groups of 15 or more people. Group visits must be booked in advance through Group Sales to receive these discounts and other group options.  


*As a Blue Star Museum, we additionally offer free admission to up to 5 immediate family members (spouse or children) of active military personnel from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  

Best lesson ever learned


While in a classroom in high school one kid drew a swastika on his arm with an ink pen and he was showing it around and our teacher spotted him. Our teachers face became red as he asked the kid if he understood what that symbol stood for. He went on to say "I was in Germany and watched a Nazi tear a Jewish mother's baby away from her and smash it's head down on the curb, and that Nazi was wearing that symbol on his uniform." He slammed his fist on his desk and told him to go remove that thing off his arm or don't return to his class. Our teacher was so visibly upset that it frightened all of us but what a wonderful way to learn a lesson from someone first hand. To this day whenever I see that despicable image on someone or something I remember that moment and wonder how low someone would go for attention. Getting a little up in age myself (unlike the 50 million people slaughtered by those wearing that image) and I wanted to share this before I check out because we should NEVER FORGET.