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She Said Yes

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I stood there pretending to be a Museum visitor studying a timeline of American Jewish history from 1945 to the present but was quick to pull out my camera and shoot the first marriage proposal to take place in the Museum since it opened its doors a year ago. So it’s a little dark. What do you want from me? I was trying not to interrupt.


Proposal pictureOn November 18, Josh Crick proposed to Cheryl Resnick in the Museum’s multimedia Contemporary Issues Forum™.  Among such questions as “Can Israel be both a Jewish and a Democratic state?” and “Should religion play a role in American politics?”  projected on the walls of the gallery, we posted the question “Have you found your better half?” 


We also put the ring in an exhibition case complete with an artifact label displaying a short speech Josh had written about their time together. We were all too happy to oblige this groom-to-be’s special request.


Cheryl had been to the Museum before and was explaining to Josh how the interactive feature works until she stopped on that final question, commenting how it would be a perfect one for them to answer. Then, thinking the ring was yet another artifact on display at the Museum she admired it (clearly missing the label) and continued walking when Josh took the top of the case off and I heard, “Oh my God.” This is when I snapped the picture.


Staff came out of the woodwork to offer congratulations and Museum Director Ivy Barsky presented the couple with a gift basket from the Museum Store, a Dual membership, and a “Shardz Wedding Vessel,” (a glass) used for breaking during the wedding ceremony on sale in our Museum Store


So mazel tov Josh and Cheryl!  Thank you for sharing this simcha with us. We hope the memory of that moment will be shared with your children and grandchildren and that they too, make the Museum a part of their lives.  




-- Contributed by Ilana Blumenthal

Public Relations Associate