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Who Am I?

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The Museum’s exhibit, Casual Conversations, created by photographers Alina and Jeff Bliumis, invites visitors to pose with signs signifying their identities.

I haven’t done it yet because I’m not sure what one word best describes me. There are the givens: male, white, Jewish (not listed in order of importance).  Others I could consider include brother, uncle, Springsteen fan, dude. But they are all so limiting. 

So, I’m holding off until I come up with the perfect word to describe myself, or at least one that I think will do the trick.

I have until August 19. That’s when the exhibition closes. I hope you’ll have the opportunity to come by and share your identity.  You can check out how others have identified themselves on our Flickr site.


-- Contributed by Jay Nachman

    Public Relations Director


Photos, NMAJH 2012

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