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Museum Salutes Veterans Day

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In a display case in our lobby is the cap of Leon Paul of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, who served in the United States Army during World War II, where he fought to liberate Paris and later guarded Nazi prisoners in Belgium. In early 1945, Paul composed a poem honoring his fellow soldiers in the Ordnance, who were charged with delivering weapons, ammunition and combat vehicles:  “Who serve without fame / No valor, no glory / But who count just the same. / From morning, till sunset / their job is never done / and they'll keep right on pitching / Until victory is won.”




On this Veterans Day, it is fitting that we remember Leon Paul and all of the brave soldiers who have sacrificed so much in order to preserve our freedoms. Our Museum celebrates those freedoms and all they have meant to Jews who came to these shores to escape oppression and poverty. My father, a Holocaust survivor lucky enough to find his way here after the war, was one of those American Jews, and because America welcomed him so warmly I (along with others of my generation) had the great good fortune of growing up with freedom and prosperity unprecedented in all of Jewish history. We all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Leon Paul and his fellow soldiers, past and present. On this Veterans Day, it is my distinct privilege to thank them for their sacrifice and the Museum is proud to display the cap in recognition of their great service. 

--Contributed by Michael Rosenzweig

Museum President and CEO

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