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Rabbi Lance Sussman, PhD

American Presidents and American Jews-Adult Education Course

Wednesday, December 4 at 10:15am

$90/75 for members, $65 for teachers

From the days of George Washington to the present time, American Jews have frequently turned to the White House to maintain and strengthen their civil rights in the United States and to seek validation that both Jews and Judaism are "upon an equality of rights" with other American religious and ethnic minorities.  For the most part, American Presidents have agreed not only to resist the marginalization of the American Jewish community but to find ways to emphasize their rightful place in the United States.  Instructed by Rabbi Lance Sussman, PhD, this course will explore the relations between seven American Presidents and the Jewish communities of their times.

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Thematic Schedule (subject to change):

Week 1: George Washington

Week 2: Abraham Lincoln / Ulysses S. Grant

Week 3: Woodrow Wilson / Franklin D. Roosevelt

Week 4: Lyndon B. Johnson / Ronald Reagan

Event type:Lectures & Discussions