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Hebrew Calligraphy and the Gilded World

February 4, 2014; 6pm-8pm
Fee: $45/35 for members

Learn the tools and techniques of Hebrew calligraphy, then embellish using ink, watercolor, and metallic media that are linked to the tradition of medieval Hebrew illuminated manuscripts and more contemporary passover Haggadot and Ketubot (Jewish marriage contacts). Materials will be provided.

Instructor: Dr. Susan Leshnoff, Associate Professor of Fine Arts and former Chair of the Department of Art, Music, and Design at Seton Hall University.

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Image Credit: Ketubbah of Joseph B. Nones and Eveline DeLeon, July 23, 1823.
Gift of Andrews Family Jewish Archives in Memory of Katherine New and Joseph Lyon Andrews (Sr.) and their daughters, Ann Andrews Paxton and Lynn Andrews Kotzen

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