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1917: War, Revolution and American Jewish History

Wednesday, March 15 and Thursday, April 27

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Session 2: Thursday, April 27
Apres le Deluge:  How World War I Transformed the Jewish People, 1919-1932
World War I significantly impacted Jewish life around the world.  It resulted in the collapse of Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman and Russian Empires, each with a major Jewish population. The break up of the Czarist Empire led to the founding of the USSR and the founding of an independent Poland, each with large and vulnerable Jewish communities. Following the war, the British Mandate in Palestine was established and at the same time xenophobic legislation closed the door to the United States. Finally, conditions after the war in Germany fostered the rise of Nazism in Germany and laid the groundwork for the Holocaust.  These and other allied topics will be discussed in the panoramic presentation on Jewish history, 1919-1932.

Instructors: Rabbi Lance J. Sussman Ph.D. with Joan Myerson Shrager, M.Ed.

Event type:Lectures & Discussions