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Then and Now: How WWI and Events of 1917 Changed the World

Wednesday, March 1

Join educators from the National Museum of American Jewish History and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum for a workshop that introduces educational programs and resources available in conjunction with the special exhibitions presented by PAFA and NMAJH in Spring 2017.

NMAJH educators will present the special exhibition 1917: How One Year Changed the World (opens March 17, 2017), which explores how the convergence of world events during the pivotal year of 1917 reoriented the United States’ role in the world and affected the lives of everyday Americans, especially ethnic minorities. The exhibit will emphasize how the events of a century ago reverberated throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, including the challenges America faced in developing fair and coherent immigration/refugee policies. The events of WWI are more than memories, more than distant traumas, they continue to shape our lives today.

NMAJH educators will discuss a variety of ways to engage with historic artifacts and documents presented in the exhibition and the Museum’s permanent collection for interdisciplinary investigations and group discussions.
PAFA Museum educators will present the exhibition World War I and American Art (on view at PAFA through April 8, 2017) emphasizing new ways to engage students with art and language arts through an interactive art lesson.

Participation in the workshop will help teachers:

  • Deepen and expand familiarity with the subject (the events of WWI and 1917), including analysis of the outcomes, impact, and cultural relevance of the First World War
  • Learn object-based teaching strategies
  • Practice primary source analysis and critical evaluation with a focus on Common Core and 21st Century Skills
  • Explore how primary source materials from the WWI period can be used to understand the visual culture of the early twentieth century while also applying skills such as how to support an argument with visual evidence

Attendees will receive a light dinner and complimentary parking at the Bourse Parking Lot on 4th Street. In addition, participating teachers will get priority access to free buses for their visit to PAFA and bus reimbursement at NMAJH, as well as subsidized admission to both institutions.

To register: email Vera DaVinci at

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