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"It is a wonderful thing when any ethnic group can immigrate to a foreign country, work hard, worship freely and reach a level of success it otherwise might have never known. For American Jews, the United States has provided, and continues to provide, a fertile environment for education and experience, and our story should have a home we can proudly call our own. When we say ‘only in America,’ it is with reverence – for only in America could we have found such opportunity, acceptance and freedom."


- Ed Snider, Chairman of Comcast Spectacor, Philadelphia, PA

"As a family we are excited about not only the cultural richness this Museum will provide the community but also its potential as a stimulating learning environment. We look forward to seeing the Museum come alive with teaching and interaction."


- Susan Dell, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Austin, TX

"I am a representative of the many who preceded us and have enabled us to achieve what we have today. Our ancestors came to America seeking religious and personal freedom as well as opportunity. This Museum tells my story and that of millions of American Jews from all walks of life."


- Sidney Kimmel, Chairman of the Board of Directors and founder of Jones Apparel Group, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

"My late husband John's parents came from Ireland seeking opportunity. My grandparents did the same. They endured hardship and struggle so that their children and grandchildren would have a life with unlimited boundaries. I support the National Museum of American Jewish History because I believe it is for everyone-Jews and non-Jews alike- who share this experience."


- Anne Welsh McNulty, Co-founder and Managing Partner of JBK Partners, Short Hills, NJ

"My grandfather is an example of the remarkable accomplishments Jews have had in this country. The Museum really should be a source of encouragement to others who come from other places. Our grandparents had many of the same struggles of these new immigrants, with languages, with education, with jobs, and the Museum will convey that."


- Terry Meyerhoff Rubenstein, Executive Vice President, Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds, Baltimore, MD