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You do not have to be an NJCN Member to participate. Advance registration required -- click the link above to reserve your free ticket today

About the event

Join the members of the New Jewish Culture Network (NJCN) and others in the Jewish cultural presenter community for a new Jewish performing arts presenters showcase.
This FREE pilot eventaffectionately called “JPAP” among friends — will feature a lineup of innovative Jewish theater, dance, music, and family programming presented through videos, and hosted by emcee Iris Bahr; plus, a chance to meet with this global roster of artists in-person, peer-to-peer networking with fellow presenters from across the U.S. and Canada, and lunch.

Whether you’ll already be in town for the APAP conference, or just because, we hope you’ll join us!

Here's a sneak peek of what's in store:Layer The Walls

Layer the Walls uses puppetry, masks and toys to dramatize the immigrant stories hidden in the layers of an old NYC tenement building's wallpaper.



is a five-piece new-traditional klezmer band led by women, queer, and non-binary musicians that uses and reshapes 19th- and 20th-century Yiddish songs.




Theatre Dybbuk's newest work, exagoge, adapted from the first recorded Jewish play, tells the biblical Exodus narrative in the style of a Greek Tragedy.


Why you won't want to miss JPAP

  • All attendees will receive in advance an exclusive digital guide to JPAP presenting artists, including additional information about the artists we couldn’t include in person. The digital guide will also include a list of related APAP showcases and special events.
  • Experience the best of innovative work relevant for your venue in an intimate setting.
  • Easily meet, reconnect, and network with your Jewish cultural presenting colleagues
  • Help shape the future of Jewish performing arts and culture.
  • Nu? What else are you doing on a cold Monday morning in January?

Additional details about the program and participating artists will be posted here as they become available.


Presented by the New Jewish Culture Network

Co-organized and hosted by the Museum and NJCN Member, 14th Street Y

The New Jewish Culture Network and "JPAP" showcase are made possible through the generous support of the following funders:


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