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My Grandmom Bessie
My Grandmom Bessie: My Grandmom was big – big of voice, big of body but most of all big of heart. I was her first granddaughter and I think her favorite person in the world.

Nathan Yablin-My Father
Early days in the US

Food Memory
My story is about my grandmother (Nana) who would make homemade applesauce just for me when I went to visit her in Ohio.

My Grandmom
My grandmom's trip from Austria

Family Connections
Unusual Connections to My Immigrant Grandmother

The Sklut family legacy
How my mother's family came to America.

My Bubbe and Jossel Weinstein
Story of my Bubbe and my uncle, Jossel Weinstein, who died at the age of 4 in Russia.

My Mother, Eva Stern
An immigrant from India to New York settles in Woodbine, New Jersey.

Early One Saturday Morning
History is important to me, especially about the Holocaust, because it is a major part of Jewish history and I am Jewish.

Love Story
Love at first sight..a young woman accepts a proposal if he will return and bring her family to safety

Family Roots
My German Jewish father had been married previously when he met my Irish-German Mother

What's in a Name?
Americanizing a name.

Zaydie lives on forever....
The story of my father's orthodox upbringing, and his love for his family, religion and culture...

1st Jewish Family in Toms River, N.J.
Sickness of 2 children from TB convinced Samuel Kaufman that he had to find a safer place to raise his family.

From Generation to Generation -- Warm Chestnuts
Grandma's feelings about moving from Russia to the USA

My grandpop, Emile Dreyfuss-Hebert
My grandpop was born in 1919

Grandma's Social Life
Grandma's appreciation of America

Philip Sartorius
Confederate Great Grandfather

Rabbi Lefkowitz conducts first service
You-Tube clip records Rabbi Lefkowitz conducting the first broadcast of a Jewish service held in Germany since the start of WW II.

A Brief Family History: From Galicia as Orphans to PhD Grandchildren
Eleven year old orphans come to the US and leave a legacy of family, community service and more.

Hershkowitz Family Trunk
In a middle drawer of our family's steamer trunk, I recently found a Souvenir newsletter from the General Muir Ship, on which my parents and older sister had travelled from Germany to the U.S.

My Survival
Jewish, born in Germany in 1934. Lucky to be able to leave in 1941. Traveled alone with my sister to US. I was 6 years old and she was 9.

Our fathers’ rescue of 118 people from Russia
Eight years after he immigrated to the United States in 1913, and serving in the U.S. Navy, our father, Sam Sheinbach, returned to Europe intending to bring his parents and immediate family members to America.

Coming to America Esther
My father Louis Zinn's passage from Poland to Hamburg,Germany to Cuba and stowed away from Cuba to New York.

A Close Call in WWII Europe
The Allmayer family escaped Vichy France to the safety of Switzerland, but it was a tension-filled trip across occupied Southern France that could easily have ended in a disaster.

Blood and Oil,The story of a son of immigrants merging Jewish Identity and competing in the high stakes world of the Oil business
The story of how the values of his immigrant parents and the opportunities of America merged to enable Mel Miller to create innovative technology that transformed medical technology and Oil Well logging , leading to the creation of two companies, Numar Corportation and Geometric Data.

Ahead of Her Time
My grandmother...the executive

Believe it or Not!
In 1935, my grandfather, William G. Singer, was credited with building the narrowest building in the world.

Small World
I was a member of the Merchant Marine, and my ship was laid up for engine repairs in Bremerhaven, Germany.

Best lesson ever learned
I am not Jewish but I learned a valuable lesson about anti semitic behavior at a pretty young age and I am thankful of this experience.

Louis Rosenthal, The artist who carries a museum in his pocket.
In a time of war and uncertainty, art finds a way.

Red Neck Prejudice
I had first-hand exposure to anti-Semitism on the way to basic training in South Carolina.

This is the year that I made a decision that would impact my life. I decided to become a psychologist and to earn my Ph.D.